Krypton Radio
Join us. You can help keep us alive, and in return we'll add to the soundtrack of your life - and you'll be helping the whole world enjoy the best geek culture radio station on Earth. What We Spend It On We have to pay for music licensing and server costs every month just to broadcast. We lease a big powerful server so we can run the radio station, our web site, and everything else all off one machine. We're registered as a business, so we have to pay the quarterly and annual licenses, taxes and other fees the state and federal government wants to let us operate. We also pay the writers who write our wonderful news stories, a penny a word. When things get better, we'd also like to pay our DJ's and the other creative and technical types that help keep everything running great. We're not there yet, but it gives us something to look forward to. We Pay It Forward We have a motto around here: "we all rise together". Krypton Radio is a proving ground for new writers, artists, film makers and musicians. When we highlight a book, a film or a piece of music, the creator of that work reaps the benefits. Sometimes it's just an enhanced reputation, but other times it means they get a boost in the wallet from the exposure. And sometimes they go pro based partly on the work they did while they were with us, and they rocket skyward. The great geeky stuff we enjoy is all made by people who started out writing fan fic, or making fan films, or drawing fan art, or writing their own songs. When you help Krypton Radio, you're helping a community of new creatives blossoming all around us, which means that instead of just being a fan of it, you're helping create it.. Thank You for Helping It all starts with a dream, and we are big believers in dreams. We have to be, or we wouldn't be here doing this. It's from the heart, and not just ours. Yours too. Your support means everything to us. Please come be a part of it. This matters.

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