K Tempest Bradford

Thank you for visiting my Ko-fi page! I'm using this in two ways: 1. For one-off donations, aka the Emotional Labor Tip Jar ;) 2. For monthly supporters who want to join The Tempestuous Salon. Folks who choose the monthly option at ANY price will become members of the Salon and gain access to sneak peeks into my creative process. Every month you'll get a PDF with deleted scenes, DVD extras-type background bits, essays, short stories or chapters in progress (from works NOT under contract), a piece of microfiction, and invites to supporter-only hangouts. It'll all go up as ko-fi blog posts. You're also welcome to take part in the community of writers, artists, musicians, crafters, activists, and other creative folks who hang out in the Salon. Even if you only consider yourself a consumer of artistic endeavors and not a creator, you're still welcome. I love connecting with people who enjoy my fiction or podcasts or tweet rants or essays. The Salon is for all. Your support will help me have a steady income, which means the time and mental space to concentrate on writing (it's what I do best) and on the creative endeavors that feed my writing like podcasting, social justice activism, or my volunteer work for the Carl Brandon Society. Ready to become a member of the Salon? Enter your monthly support level above, settle into your seat, and enjoy the creative energy.

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