Aerith Red Dress Wall Market 💃🏼

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I always felt identified with Aerith and this dress gives me the chance I was looking for to embody her. It'd be a real honor to count with your help to achieve my dream ⊂((・▽・))⊃


* Hi there ,kupo❢(。・ω・。) My name is Kyra Yuna, a cosplayer & artist from Spain. My content consists mostly of Gaming/Anime Cosplays but if you check my Linktree you can see that I also drawing❢

☆*゜★☆*゜★☆*゜★☆*゜★☆*゜★☆*゜★ I created this page as a way for anyone who wants to supporting me. If you enjoy my content, this will go to improve new projects and content❢ Any amount will be appreciated❢ To thank your support you can pick any print you wish or a chibi, just say it in your Ko-fi message and don't forget to put your email❢ ☆*゜★☆*゜★☆*゜★☆*゜★☆*゜★☆*゜

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