Thank you for stoping by my ko-fi! I'm Lou, also known on internet as L00 or L00ping, I'm a french comic book artist who has worked on series like WOLLODRIN, DETECTIVES, ROBILAR , ROCKABILLY ZOMBIE SUPERSTAR, LA BRIGADE CHIMERIQUE: RENAISSANCE and one-shots such as LA ROUTE DE TIBILLISSI and CASTELMAURE. I'm also a mod maker who, over the last 6-7 years, has made many popular mods for games like GTA 5 (PRSA), Skyrim (NATENB, PRT, Enhancer...), Fallout 4 (NACX, PRC, True Grass...), Batman series (Batman Collection), Alien Isolation (Alien Collection), Far Cry 2 (Clean Light Enb), Ghost Recon Wildlands (Sicario, Clean Light), Oblivion (NAO) and more... All my mods are available for free on Nexus or elsewhere and it's most likely you've seen youtube videos using some of them as they are very popular. - For those who came here from and for comics colors related content you can find news, help, A.M.A, tutorials & step by step, work in progress and behind the kitchen content and even my personal tools for Photoshop. - For the others who came here from and for game related modifications you can have access to my discord, have news and work in progress on projects, get help for your personal PRC-PRT-PRSA presets and discussions about potential projects for specific games. - Lastly for the few who came from and for my youtube machinimas or music *, you can find behind the scene and project ideas, W.I.P and previews. If you've enjoyed my work and would like to support me as I craft future gaming content, please consider donating or suscribe! Either way, thank you for your time and have fun!

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