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Hi friends! I’m Lumb. I make tweets and sometimes I do things besides that idk. I’m a non-binary trans woman and every cent you give helps immensely with things like rent and soap and hormones ❤️

Lady Lumb
I'm only accepting tips now as appreciation for my horrible memes, or in exchange for deleting my horrible memes. Thank you and have a nice day. UPDATE: My social paperwork is submitted. It's gonna cost me 119.50 to get my drivers license changed, and to update the title on my car and then I'll have just the birth certificate left to do and I'll be done! UPDATE: My copy of the court order came in, my name is officially Rosie now. Now I just gotta update my social security card (which is free thankfully) and my drivers license and the title on my car, which is gonna cost just under $400 in total, which is utterly ridiculous, but there it is. I really genuinely appreciate any help anybody can give ❤️ UPDATE: I met my intial goal of $117 to get the court order to change my name. Anything further donated will go towards changing my drivers license, social security, and birth certificate, which I’m not certain of the cost for yet. Thank you so so so much to everyone who’s donated so far, your support has meant the world to me and I am so grateful to you all for giving me the ability to move forward on being legally recognized as who I am. ❤️ Hey friends, I’m looking to get the process started to legally change my name. The first roadblock in that process is that I don't qualify for a fee deferment, and so it's going to cost me $117 to file the court order, which is the first step in this process. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated <3

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