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Would you like you see better videos from me? Right now I record them with my phone, therefore I'm limited with its quality and videos' size. I'd like to get SONY CYBER-SHOT DSC-WX220 which would let me record longer process videos in better quality :) I don't really need a camera for anything else - in my daily life I don't mind using a basic phone cam but my art recordings should be as good quality as possible and the funded camera would be used only for that purpose.


🌺 Hello, I'm Lady Werewolf, or LW for short 🌺 I draw, paint and play games. And I LOVE coffee (and strawberries) ☕ 🌺 I create with digital and traditional media in both Manga and realistic style and occasionaly in Semirealism 🌺 I'm a palaeontologist (I don't work as one though) 🌺 I'm also on Facebook:

Lady Werewolf
Welcome to my Ko-fi Page! ❤️ 🌺Commissions are open, check them here: 🌺For every 2 Vanilla Coffees you can get a headshot sketch, details here: I'll be posting here my finished works and art status updates, exclusive work in progress shots, as well as art supplies tips & recommendations. If I get enough funds I'll be buying traditional (and digital?) media to test out and share my opinions with you all and I'll be sharing high-resolution files with all supporters :) 🌺 Currently, I'm saving money for a better camera to photograph and record my traditional art. If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting me by buying me a Vanilla Coffee! Thank you very much 😊

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