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Hello! I'm Sarah and I am just a simple cosplayer from Arizona. I'm a full-time student and part-time at my job, so this account just helps for the cosplay fun!

Sarah Bell (Formally Lemon Bell)
Hello, welcome to my page! All the donations go towards cosplay costumes and goals. Each new goal will have all the details and info! There will be different rewards for those who donate once and those who donate reoccurring (every month). All those who donate will get access to all my cosplay WIP and cosplay photo shoots (since no longer will they all be posted in my Instagram). Also small tutorials (if I can make some). Those who donate every month will also get thrown into a raffle every 2-3 months to win some exclusive cosplay polaroids, with a thank note! More maybe added but I’m trying to start small with still working and being a student full time. I just want some ways to thank you guys for helping with cosplays and the break it gives me from life!♥️

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