LEN polygon

Welcome! I want to use this page to allow for donations for the various projects that I've erected... One example is the Age of Empire IV Build Order Tool ( https://age4builder.com/) that I've recently made and could use some funds for planned maintenance, hosting, and domain name costs. Another is that I've designed a multifunctional dice, the dUltimate. You can find more info about that one on ( https://www.lenpolygon.com/ ). Finally I have a lot of projects concepts that have not yet seen the light of day or are simply not interesting enough for you all, this includes Puzzles, more Dice, small Video Games, and more... Designing and creating projects like these related to games is what I truly love to do. Every donation will allow me to focus more time on these projects and perhaps one day make this my actual job. Thank you for taking the time to visit and considering a donation, I really appreciate it!

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