Leo Flynn
Hi! I'm Leo, an Australian space opera writer. 🌟 Follow me here to receive all writing updates. 🌟 CLICK THE GALLERY TAB TO SEE MY PAST WORK! Here's what I make for your enjoyment! 🌌THE MARA FILES - A space opera series. 🌌JUST ANOTHER GALATIC CASTAWAY - Free short scifi stories. 🌌ROAD LESS READ - A book recommendations blog. 🌌FANFICTION - A fun read for you, a hobby for me. Your support keeps me creating, so thanks! Here's what you'll receive if you tip me. 🌟Mara's Awakening, The Mara Files 1 (EBOOK) Rewards - ko-fi.com/post/Freebies-For-Supporters-N4N2DLMB2 Your contributions support: 🌌Creating more free short stories and fanfiction 🌌Publishing my books 🌌More book recommendations on Road Less Read 🌌Hosting and website maintenance 🌌Keeping me fed! ---------- IMPORTANT When you tip, sign up for an account within 24 hours. You'll receive an email link. You can view supporter-only content for 30 days.

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