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Leo V.
Hello, if you found this page, you're most likely coming in from Twitch or my social media. If you are a Twitch follower but don't want to put any money towards Amazon, I kept this Ko-fi page because you can conveniently tip me without any of it being cut towards one Schmeff Schmezoes (whose actual name I'm omitting for legal reasons). So Ko-fi donations may not grant you emotes and badges, but 100% of proceeds will go towards yours truly! On top of that, if you mention you're tipping the equivalent to a subscription, you can opt in to the same physical rewards as Twitch subscribers! No one should have to miss out just because of not wanting to keep funding a giant corporation. ✨ Please note: As we are experiencing a global pandemic at the moment, I will be posting updates as things go. You can find them just below this panel, on my latest posts.

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