Welcome! Thank you random reader if you've clicked on my link or somehow stumbled into my page. If you choose to donate, thank you as it would help me a lot in not only keeping the website up but also as a means for college funds! Otherwise, if you are left on a cliffhanger and would like to read more (aka get those sponsored chapters), you can always buy me a coffee! I will post a FULL sponsored chapter for every accumulated $12! Please state which novel it is for when donating, thank you~ (If the novel is not stated, will just assume you are simply donating. I will post a chapter for all my novels for every $48 unspecified donation) Projects in-progress: I Matched 6 Alphas 100% All-Round Mid Laner After Transmigrating into an Idol Talent Show Our Omega Coach Is Gold-Class In drafts: Flower of Happiness (Posting in late Feb) Do check out the membership plans on my website too for advanced chapters, thank you!

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