Let's ask Shogo | Shogo Yamaguchi

Hello everyone, thank you for visiting my Ko-fi page (and watching my YouTube channel)! Your donations mean a lot to me! [My Goal: Maintaining the New YouTube Channel “Let’s ask Seki Sensei”] *The goal amount is one year's worth of transportation and hotel fees for filming The management (filming, editing, etc.) of the Asayama Ichiden Ryu's English Channel "Let's ask Seki Sensei" is completely my voluntary work. If I am not able to pay for the expensive bullet train fare from Kyoto to Ibaraki Prefecture (where the main Dojo is located), and hotel/filming expenses, this activity will cease. Please help us spread and preserve this 400-year-old martial art. In return, I will try my best to create the most educational and exciting content about Japanese Kobudo.

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