Liberty Forrest
THANK YOU for your kind donation, or for joining my membership! I grew up in a frightening, abusive environment, which set me up to keep landing in traumatic situations as an adult. Along with my professional background in social work and counselling, my personal journey of healing and spiritual development have taught me such a lot. Along with my personal journey of healing and my professional background in social work and counselling, I've also had extensive training and experience with the Spiritual Arts. I draw on all aspects of my background to meet others where they are so I can be of service in the best way for them. Your support allows me to continue writing books and articles, and creating courses that assist others on their healing journeys. It allows me to manage my online business, and help others discover who they are, why they're here, what they're meant to learn, and how to follow that path. It allows me to help them transform their lives and live more joyfully and with purpose. I'm also the creator of "Witchy," a delightful, charming little darling who shares her own journey of healing after trauma. A brave soul despite her many fears, she has set out on a new path, determined to leave the past behind and enjoy the wonder in every day. Visit to learn more about this endearing little soul!

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