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Lily Hammer
It's 2022. Three years after I started taking my writing seriously. Ten years after I realized I wanted to write novels. The story of Darkwerks and the many characters within that world has been with me for even longer. They are a 4,000-year-old Queen searching for a way to die. A one-horned heretic grappling with grief and the weight of his crimes. They are a woman considered lower than vermin who changes the world without any recognition. A pirate who discovers a woman out of legend who hasn't been seen in over five thousand years. A 12-year-old girl thrown into leadership too suddenly, and at too young an age. I write every day on top of having a day job and being a drummer. I have a regimented writing schedule, a fierce love of storytelling, and a great support system of writing partners and fur babies. Because of all this, I am confident I will finish these books and finish them well. I may not be published yet, but I am working steadfastly towards it. Here are some things I will be posting about for my generous patrons on Ko-Fi: • Behind the scenes of being a writer at home with two cats and a house exploding with books. • Exclusive content specifically related to my novels, like excerpts, polls, maps, mood boards, character intros, and maybe even some art. • For the $10 a month tier, the ability to curate letters to you from my characters that I will write from within the world of Darkwerks. Please explore my page more to find out how you can support me. Thank you for your consideration.

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