Liquorice Girls
We are hoping to generate the funding we need to design and build the Liquorice Girls online portal plus mobile applications. We hope to specifically reach out to the people that can understand our vision and broader mission. Loaded with a promise to revolutionize the online adult industry we will ultimately empower all our models at Liquorice Girls. We allow the girls to grow and be successful professional adult models while also enjoying their own online careers. The girls are not exploited but in actual fact they are liberated and set free. Furthermore we also want to spearhead a drive to reduce the damage done by human trafficking to girls worldwide. We also hope to take homeless girls off the streets and offer them a viable source of income that does not include prostitution or any other humiliating and extremely dangerous forms of work. The girls don’t need to have any physical contact with their clients and they determine what they are comfortable with writing their own rules. The girls don’t lose any self respect and remain in charge developing healthy relationships with their clients thus strengthening their own business. We help by preventing our girls from becoming disenfranchised and we ensure they ultimately gain full control of their own lives.. We are extremely proud of all of our Liquorice Girls. We support and love them all. We ensure the safest and most comfortable remote working environment allowing stress free enjoyment and personal success.

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