Lisa Nova
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN… …this is the moment you’ve waited for. Hello! My name is Lisa, and I create music videos and short films, write stories, and am a photographer. I live in Moscow, Russia, and I’m pursuing a career living abroad and working in the film industry. In spring 2016 I sent an email to my favorite singer, Karliene Reynolds, asking her if it would be okay to use her song “Wolfpack” in the video I was planning. Actually, to shoot a music video on this song. And Karliene agreed! The premier took place in 2017. Even though it was done as an amateur project, it has more than 70,000 views now: Now my film crew and I are working on another music video for Karliene. Actually, it might be 2 music videos with a connected story. Or one long music video with two songs in it. Sounds intriguing, huh? The first song is Karliene’s incredible “Witch”: The second… Well, let’s keep some mystery, for now, shall we? This time we need some budget to shot a really special video, using professional equipment, light, etc. To be able to buy costumes for actors, to find our perfect location, all these things, that are impossible without a good budget. We need your help! If you would like to become a part of our project, and if you can – please, donate. We have calculated the total cost of the 2 videos to be $4500, but any and all donations will be appreciated. The shootings are planned to take place in September. Of course, you’ll get some nice things from us, too. - Everyone who donates will be able to see all the special pre-production, backstage, and post-production posts (videos, photos, etc.) on the project’s ko-fi page. You will be able to watch the process of making a music video from the very first steps. Moreover, you will be able to see exactly how we spend your money. - Everyone who donates 20 dollars or more will be mentioned in the music video credits, will be able to see all the ko-fi posts, and will get an album, from which the second secret song is, from Karliene for free, before the premier. The link to the album will be sent via email. - Everyone who donates 50 dollars or more will get a video with all the bloopers and scenes we decided to cut from the music video(s), plus all the previous treats. The cut scenes most likely will never be published. A little, but pleasant additional surprise comes with all the rewards after the premiere of the video(s). I’ll be posting some photos on different social media: But all the main posts will be on the ko-fi page. I can’t tell you how excited we are about this project. Any support, money, or a nice comment, will be appreciated. We are looking forward to sharing our experiences with you. Notes: 1. As all of us in our team (except Karliene) are native Russians and speak varying degrees of English, so the backstage and pre-production videos will be partly in English, partly in Russian, with English subtitles. 2. When you donate, please, mention in the message how exactly you want to be named in the credits. If you don’t want to be mentioned in the credits, please, inform me about this, too.

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