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Singer & Musician on YouTube! I primarily sing anime, video game, Vocaloid and original songs. Your support means a lot to me, and every little bit helps. ♥

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8/29/2018 - SPECIAL OFFER -

For a limited time only, all donors get a short music box audio uploaded to Soundcloud and sent to them as a thank you.

In your message of support you can include a music box request (name of the song or info on the character or personality), OR you can wait for me to email / reply asking if you'd like one.

You get the Soundcloud link, mp3/wav/midi file as well (whatever you feel will be useful for you!)

Trying to last until Patreon money comes in on the 1st. I currently have $5 in my bank account and just need enough to buy cheap meals for the next few days. ;__;


Believe it or not, I won't spend any of this on cake ...

Any help will be used for basic survival, such as groceries and emergency expenses (which have been coming up a lot recently). Thank you SO MUCH for any little bit, it helps a ton and gives me the opportunity to keep creating. ♥

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