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Buy a Coffee for Liverpool Hunt Sabs



Liverpool Hunt Sabs are a dedicated group of individuals who's core aims are to bring an end to bloodsports. We use non-violent direct action to save the lives of countless hunted animals every year.

Liverpool Hunt Sabs
Help support Liverpool Hunt Saboteurs by buying us a 'coffee'. Donations are the lifeblood of our group and without them we would be able to be so effective in stopping bloodsports around the north west. Last year we had to retire our old minibus, it was with us for a number of years but in the end repairs where getting too costly and we had to say goodbye to our old friend. Therefore, towards the end of last year we asked for your help in raising funds to purchase a new vehicle. The generosity from our supporters was overwhelming and in no time we were able to purchase a new vehicle before the start of the fox hunting season. We can't thank all of you enough! With ever increasing violence from hunts and their supporters we are now looking to help improve the safety of our van. We plan to reinforce the windows with tint film which strengthens the glass as well as obscuring the inside of our van from any would-be attackers. We will also be hardwiring our front and rear dash cameras to ensure they continually record and start up whenever the engine is started. We have some funds to put towards the cost but are still in need of around £200 for all the work to be completed.

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