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Before lockdown I planned to do an art project to raise awareness of the experiences of neurodiverse women in Scotland. I still plan to do this. I was unwell before lockdown and my health has since deteriorated as well as having scheduled hospital procedures cancelled due to the virus. I have just about managed to keep doing my weekly cartoon. But it’s not enough to live on. I won’t get much gov financial support as a freelancer because I have worked part time to supplement my income the past few years. The bail out is based on a percentage of freelance earnings only. Many artists are in this position. As a woman working in Scotland I’m paid much less than others in the profession. My latest cartoon was viewed over 11,000 times with one tweet. If each of those viewers donated £1 I would be set up for the rest of the year. Thank you for your support.

Mistress of Line
Please support me as I research the experience of autistic women and make a comic I can use to campaign for more awareness and to lobby Government.

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