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Welcome to the Lovely, Inc. Ko-Fi! 💗 The purpose of this page is to offer a place for those looking forward to the reboot of our first otome game, "Snowkissed Romance," a place to directly support our efforts in doing so. ❄️What will be different about the Snowkissed relaunch? Well, a lot! Let's give you a brief rundown... 🤍Character Redesigns 🤍New Sprite Art 🤍New CG Art 🤍Professional Voice Acting 🤍New Game Mechanics 🤍Reworked, Improved, and Lengthened Stories 🤍More Childhood Flashbacks 🤍Game will Now Run Online (Less Storage) 🤍"My First Time" Special After Story Added 🤍More Voiced Lines and Special Calls Added 🤍More In-Game Choices & Endings! ❄️Why do we need your help? Snowkissed Romance needs to be completely rebuilt in a new format due to the outdated program it was initially created in first, so that we can make all of our desired updates to the game. This requires the help of an additional developer and that fact makes this project quite costly. (We are working on finalizing quotes so that we can label our goal for you to see.) We will of course continue to funnel our own resources into the project, but relying solely on that, we estimate it would take 2-3 years for the project to be complete. With your support, it will help get this game relaunched to you much faster! ✨ ❄️Is there any other way to help? Yes! Another awesome way to support us would be to check out "Snowkissed Romance" in its original format now on either Android or iOS. If you purchase one or more of the Main Stories (Usui, Yoh, Kichirou), you'll get to read it now AND you'll get to read it again, transformed, when the game relaunches at no extra cost. (Notice: On the Android version of the game, there is a special, "White Day Harem" with an error that we aren't able to fix until we relaunch the game.) ❄️What even IS Snowkissed Romance? As studying for college entrance exams rolls to a close, it's winter vacation and you're set to visit the cozy mountains of Northern Japan with your BFF at your Aunt's newly renovated ski resort! Ready to soak in the restorative onsen waters and meet hot ski instructors on the slopes, all plans come to a screeching halt when your annoying older brother crashes the villa! Turns out your aunt promised BOTH of you the space... but your bro brought along three of his friends and the available sleeping area is limited - meaning you end up sharing the living room with one of the guys... And one more thing, his friends aren't strangers. You're slowly starting to recover lost memories about them... Was one of these three guys your first love or nothing more than a silly childhood crush? Make choices to discover new endings, receive calls and texts from characters, and fall in love! Snowkissed Romance is the perfect light-hearted romance read. Thank you for taking the time to read about our planned projects & considering donating to help us create better and better otome games where YOU are the main character! 💗

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