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8% of goal

The desktop app has been in development for about 9 months and is in use internally. More security features were added to make it the best protection tool for Corona developers. The plugin is also near completion with a few final touches such as added security and cleaning up the API. If you feel this is an important tool for your development needs, please consider supporting this project. Thanks, Dave


Lua Protect is a tool for protecting Lua source code and assets in Corona apps. AES-256 encryption with multiple embedded security measures are used to secure app contents. It includes Mac & Windows desktop apps and a Corona plugin. Read the post "What is Lua Protect?" for more info. I am using this site to test the market and see if this tool is useful to other developers. The goal is to turn this in-house tool into a commercial product. Supporters will get a discount when the product is launched. More info to come. For my open-source projects, check out EventDispatcher, HistoryStack, UI Data Binding for Corona and more at Github. Thank you for visiting! Dave Yang


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