Hello Arthwinder! Our journey began (May 2017) when I started a simple magical slice of life comic about a boy named Reum and his dog. It was a passion project, so there were no expectations. By the end of the year, many Readers like you were interested in Reum's story! I was blown away by everyone's support. From there on, Arthwind evolved through a few revisions to what you see today, Return of Arthwind! Return of Arthwind is a fantasy, action, and adventure comic about a Wanderer named Reum. It is available to read for free on Tapas and Webtoon! In my online shop, you can purchase and read the previous versions, Arthwind (2017) and Arthwind (2018). * FREE SHIPPING Promotion for our re-launch ends June 30, 2022! Note: Only available for U.S. and Cananda Residents If you are International Resident and are still interested in supporting us by purchasing any physical item/s, you may message me directly with items you want and your address. From there, I can find out how much it will cost to ship to your country, and because of the pandemic, the international shipping cost has skyrocketed (estimate $12-$20+). If you have any questions, comments or concerns please let me know! Follow us on social media @lucentyuzu Check us out at

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