Hello, and welcome to my corner of the universe. This page is for my science-fantasy planet called Hyaline and all the projects it will host in the future. Presently I have a videogame, graphic novel and world guide planned, which I work on concurrently alongside the background worldbuilding work. The projects are all intricately linked, which is why I work this way. I have no plans to set deadlines for my projects and it's a slow process, but the joy of worldbuilding always comes first for me. Things you will find on my Ko-fi: 🪐 Science! A lot of the work I do involves astrophysics, planetary sciences, biology, etc. The setting of the world is the science-fiction part. 🖌️ Visual art! Comic pages, illustrations, sketches, you name it. Most of my work results in some kind of visual outcome. 🎮 Gamedev! At this point it's mostly 3D modelling. 🖊 Writing! Some of my work involves short form literature. I tend to work on one type of thing for a while then switch to another, so the above themes will come in sprints. This Ko-fi exists to share my world in an organised fashion, basically. Thank you! 💖

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