Makin' It in Opera

THANK YOU for coming here. For wanting to support these conversations. I dream of this podcast becoming space where we can meet and have the deep conversations that will move our art and our lives forward. I dream of this being a space where artists can feel supported, seen, heard, and empowered. For now, that means making a really good podcast that draws people together. But I've already started some other things: Season 1 is accompanied by the Audition Pep Talk Series, where you can sign up to get a little pep talk to keep things in perspective over the audition season (sign up through the link at There's also a spreadsheet called Resources for Makin' It on Your Own Terms - full of links to websites, Facebook groups, instagram accounts, blogs, and other podcasts that are moving the conversation forward in opera and supporting artists as they find their way. For the time being, there is no content I want to put behind a pay wall. If you decide to go the membership route, know that you're supporting us in making the best podcast and resources we can, and that you'll be getting a gushing thank you note from me... ...and if things change, you'll be the first to know. :-) With love, G

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