Hello, I’m Maria. Thank you for visiting my Ko-Fi page. I have had quite a number of people thanking for the free information on patternmaking that is on my website (, which went live in January 2018) and my Youtube Channel (started in April 2020). Quite a number of people have have said they "can’t believe that I provide this information for free". I created this page hoping that some of those people might contribute towards the costs associated with the information I provide. Those costs are: • Web hosting and related fees • website plug-ins • The subscription to the Adobe Creative Suite which I use create all the graphics and the videos. My website contains detailed, step-by-step information on drafting women’s patterns. This includes basic flat pattern drafting theory, drafting custom blocks and using the blocks to draft patterns. It took me two years to create the content that was on my website when it went live in 2018. All of the content has always been free. I originally thought I would be able to pay the costs associated with my website by selling some downloadable basic blocks; so that is the one thing I sell on my website. Given that I give free information on how to draft your own custom blocks, I wasn’t expecting to make a lot of money selling those blocks, but I did hope to cover the costs. My dream is not only covering costs but generating some income so that I work on this full time, as currently I have to work to pay the bills and do this in my ‘free’ time. I do have plans of publishing some EPUB booklets to accompany some Youtube Videos later this year. I will be charging for those booklets, but there will be an accompanying free video on Youtube. My hope is that some people may prefer to have an (electronic) booklet which will allow them to see one step, swipe, move on to the next step, rather than use a video which will need to be paused, rewound, etc. These are my plans for the following year: 1. Finish the last 2 Youtube videos of the Bodice Block Essential series (6 part series) 2. Publish an EPUB Booklet on Drafting Pants (Videos already on Youtube) 3. Redoing the Drafting Bodice Block videos on Youtube (I have refined my system) 4. EPUB Booklet on Drafting the Bodice Block. 5. Pants Pattern (Video + EPUB Booklet) 6. Jeans Pattern (Video + EPUB Booklet) 7. Jacket Pattern (Video + EPUB Booklet) 8. Dress 1 Pattern (Video + EPUB Booklet) 9. Dress 2 Pattern (Video + EPUB Booklet) 10. Undies Pattern (Video + EPUB Booklet) 11. Coat Pattern (Video + EPUB Booklet) 12. Etc…

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