Matt Lang
Long story short, I want to tell stories and read stories. Related, I want to help other people tell stories and read stories. Related to that, I want to take Clawfoot Press from a glorified hobby to my main gig. To that end, I’ve written this vision. It’ll change, as will I, as will you. I’ll share more soon, including how to submit, if you’re interested. Clawfoot Press celebrates the physicality of stories. We produce well-designed books, printed in small patches. You receive them, tear open the package, hold the book in your hands, smell the paper, hear the pages as you turn them. You set one of our books on your table, spill coffee on it while giving your lover a passionate kiss. You curse and laugh and clean up the spill, but the book is marked forever and every time you pick it up you remember that kiss. We’re enamored of the magic of stories. We publish books with depth, full of stories that are as solid and cool as porcelain. You sink into them and they surround you, they hold you, they are familiar, they carry you along with a surprising elegance for something so solid. Then there's the sound. It’s a surprising sound, a galloping kind of rhythm, the percussion of a strange beast, the music of dragon feet.

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