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I am paying for a studio I am unable to use during the COVID-19 crisis. The galleries I have work in are currently closed and exhibitions are canceled. I am selling bits and pieces online here and there but your additional support of £3 could really help fill in the gaps. I have offered some images available for download in exchange for your support. Thank you! I have set the target for 1 month's studio rent to start.


I am an abstract painter living in Edinburgh, Scotland. When I am not painting, I regularly share my art and process each Tuesday on my Tuesday Studio Video Visits and on my weekly Studio Blog that I write each Friday. Building a community around art is an essential and joyful part of my process. Every donation helps to support my ongoing practice as an artist and share my passion with you. Your donations keep me working. Thank you.

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Megan Chapman
Welcome to my Ko-fi Page. I enjoy sharing my paintings and the ideas and process around my work each week whether through my Tuesday Studio Video Visits or my Friday Studio Blogs. Please consider supporting my work. Maybe you enjoy viewing a painting or a body of work online or seeing my work for free in a gallery or maybe you feel inspired after reading a studio blog or watching a video visit. You don't always have to buy my work to be considered an art patron. Small gestures of support along the way can really add up and help me as I continue on this path. Thank you!

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