Meike Kima
Thank you for taking a look at my Ko-Fi! I'll be using the money from this to support my Game Dev and other creative works such as pixel art. Such things as buying more ergonomic keyboard, computer upgrades, assets for my game projects, etc. I'm a Game Dev with a love for RPG Maker. I released two games in 2019: Well, Yu Will Be A Prince and Waffle Cone and the asset pack series Retro RPG! In 2020 I'm continuing work on my fishing rpg Reel Dream and my dungeon crawler Rapunzel's Flower! I'm excited for both and enjoy the different settings they give me to work in! Current Project: Reel Dream The fishing RPG. Travel the countryside, engaging fish in rpg-style battles to catch and cook delicious meals for your nostalgic Grandpa. Listen to tall tales of his adventures long past, and experience your own adventures as you travel searching for the best fish and ingredients. Rapunzel's Flower The Princess is sick with an unknown illness and the Hero Test turns into a quest to heal her with the Rapunzel's Flower to earn the Hero title. However, attempts to complete the quest are interrupted by the emergence of a new villain in the kingdom. Will you and your new friends be able to stop the villain, find the Rapunzel's Flower, and pass your Hero Test? Thank you and God bless, Kima 'Meike' Prince

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