Melissa Sue Illustrations
Who am I? My artistic name is Melissa Sue. I am an Illustrator and a writer currently based in Berlin. Constantly travelling as much as I can. I am a passionate and sensitive human, in love with making people smile and driven by emotions and impulses. When did I find “art”? I think I have loved illustrating and writing since I can remember. My first memories are about waking up to the sound of classical music my mom would listen to and the particular smell of oil painting from my dad’s home studio. It was a relaxing and inspiring combination that even today I use as a motor and reminisce fondly. I always wanted to express my emotions through art and even though I never managed to fall in love with hyperrealism like the rest of my family; comic and cartoon art caught my attention from a very young age. Maybe it was because I made funny cartoons to play “school” with my sister, or because I spent hours creating characters and stories or because I was, and I still am, absolutely in love with Disney movies. But regardless of the reason, after experimenting with different styles and techniques, I went back to my roots and chose cartooning as a definite style. How do I define myself as an artist? I am a fighter, always finding a way to come out from difficult situations and a person of free and fun spirit. I love to follow my impulses and throw myself headlong to every challenge that makes me feel energized. I enjoy "Love" and emotions and like to travel and keep my inner child as present as possible. When I draw or write, I try to channel all that energy and put it into my art. There are many experiences, feelings and stories behind each one of my pieces, both illustrations, and writings. What do I love the most? Animals and fantasy are my favourite subjects. Cute adorable creatures, magic, strange beings, a world where everything is possible. I like to generate emotions and make those who read or see my work feel identified, moved or simply, happy. How was my relationship to art when I was a child? I had a childhood full of cultural events, art shows, concerts, lunches and dinners with artists of all kinds and little by little I felt part of that world. All that, along with that beautiful innocence and magic that my mother and father always wanted to keep in my sister and me, became indispensable when choosing my path. I remember laughing out loud with cartoon movies, spending hours reading fantasy books, the countless efforts of my parents to keep us believing in magic, the stories we invented with my sister and much, much more. Art, as a child, dug me out of hard moments and today, as an adult, it still does. What techniques do I use? I work in a digital and traditional way. With a pencil and Copic markers when I work on paper and using programs such as Photoshop, Autodesk Sketchbook, and Illustrator when I work digitally. I still find writing and drawing on paper much more pleasant, and even romantic, than to do it using a computer. But to present a piece, I prefer the finishing touch that the digital techniques provide. What inspires me? I am absolutely inspired by everything. I get it from little moments that I live day by day, from the struggles of my chronic illness, from nature and from the incredible European architecture. From anecdotes, music, movies, feelings, dreams, and I could go on, but I think my point has been made already. Everything inspires me, really, in one way or another. How much creative process do I put in each piece? I would say it depends on each piece. Once I have an idea, I look for references, I choose colours, I think about what I am going to use that illustration for and I make several sketches, over and over, until I am satisfied. It is only then that I begin with painting, either traditionally or digitally. How can you order my artwork? You can order my artwork by choosing a pre-existing piece in my store: Or, if you are looking for something personalized, you can fill out the form in this page and I will get in touch with you:

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