Francisco Duarte
Hi, everyone! Thank you all so much for coming by! As a freelance writer and creator, it is hard to maintain a stable income and, thus, workflow. However, I am obstinate and eager to bring you cool projects that you can enjoy. This is my greatest goal - to entertain and create fun stuff. But I need your aid for this, as I really want to make my projects justice, and bring you the best products I can. I intend to publish an original science fiction series in the shape of several short and easy-to-read novellas. This project will take shape sometime down the road, but I will need funds to make it happen in the way I imagine. This won't be easy, as I intend to commission unique covers and, should the support be big enough, art based on the characters and tech. It will be a big endeavor, my greatest thus far. There are also other projects and ideas still on the backburner, but I will share my intentions with you all as they materialize. Given my background in RPG content creation, I can assure you these are ambitious but fun. So, keep an eye on this space. Thank you all, Francisco Duarte

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