Mike Cobley

Hello and welcome to my Ko-fi page, where people of unimpeachably good taste can drop in and throw a coin to your writer! Yes, this crowdfunder will keep me on track with the upcoming novel, Chronicle Of A Drowned Empire, which ticks all the boxes of epic fantasy and a few more besides. All contributions will receive by email the prologue and first chapter of Chronicle, while all those who subscribe to the page will be able to vote on which novel I`ll be writing once CDEmpire is finished (aiming for Oct/November). In addition, I shall be posting insights into my writing process, favourite art and artists and writers, the kind of music that percolates nearby, and other associated topics. Also, from time to time I`ll be offering curiosities and oddities, bookmarks, keyfobs, even posters, for the cost of the postage only. I also have notions for a few specialty items which I`ll bestow upon anyone making unexpectedly generous donations, shall we say! But for now - allons y! (Little explainer for the intro video - this was made for the launch of my book, Ancestral Machines, seven years ago by Ingram Blakelock, a rather fine animator, along with a grand voiceover provided by author Ian Mcdonald)

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