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Hi my name is Lara, 28 - photographer, Cosplayer and seamstress. For my Cosplay and costume plans I need YOU. Yes, right, I need your support. As you might know - Cosplay is expensive. If you want a high quality in the end you need good fabrics and materials. Every little help from you is a step closer to more amazing Cosplays. Thanks if you want to support me.

Support me if you want to help me create a new costumes or buy a new book. Cosplay is an expensive way to express yourself and make fantasy more real. it makes me happy and I am sure I can make other people happy if they see good and beautiful costumes. I also love to read and find new inspiration. get out of the real world and find happiness between the words someone wrote down. I want next year to be a new adventure with a lot of competitions, costumes and new destinations to travel to. Support me for buying new fabrics and all the stuff I need to reach my goal for next year.

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