FAQ SECTION: Q: do you do refunds ? A:All donations are non refundable Q: what is kofi? A: Kofi is a donation site that allows artist to upload exclusive content that can be accessed for the price of a kofi cup . Q:How much will it cost to support? A/ 5 USD minimum,How much you choose to spend maximum is up to you. Your support of any amount means the world to me. Q: how do I convert kofi ? A/ Kofi counter is there to do the work for you, Every time you click the plus or minus button it will tally up how much your donation adds up to in dollars. You may add or retract any amount without being charged up until you officially submit everything. Q: Is Kofi a monthly subscription? A/ Kofi doesn’t have to be a subscription.You have the option to donate in one time segments as well. Rather you submit one off or monthly payment you shall reap the same benefits. Q: does my payment work internationally? A/This currency works worldwide as long as you have a eligible debit card or a paypal account with the exact balance of more in it. Q: What are the rewards? All donations get a wallpaper and 30 day Kofi access Q:How does the Kofi SHOP work? A/ Kofi shop prices are in US dollars, Each item featured is something I wish to acquire for a photoshoot. When you buy from this Kofi shop I receive the funds and order the selected item/s. (photoshoot sold separately) Q: I followed but I cannot see content. A/ All content on Kofi is curated for active patrons within the past 30 days. if you wish to see this content please submit 1 Kofi. Q:What kind of content do you make? A/ I specialize in a cosplay and modeling. As for what I create you will see a mixture of bunny girl suits, Kittens , maid and lots of different looks depending on what is scheduled to be shot

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