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"Pepper is a cat who is writing and drawing comics with all her will, as every shonen hero she knows she has flaws but fight life to her best to overcome them and offer you the best of entertainments. everymorning she breathes seawind to embrace the world that inspire her and one day she know she will evolve in a Pelipper." Bio made by the awesome Madeleine Oz Ongoing webcomic in french and english : https://kamenstudents.tumblr.com/

Alola everyone! New decade, new opportunities! My life has arrived at a turning point and I want to use this energy and redirect it directly into expanding my freelance activity. Living from my art is the ultimate goal! Meanwhile, if you enjoy my work and want to support my art, you are very welcome to send me some pancakes and feed me and my creativity! Thank you all for your support, let's create awesome stuff together! :D

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