M Kjeller
I love to help people with what they do. Whilst not a creator directly myself, I love to help others with their creative process! I do this by providing technical and community support across a variety of platforms and services. I currently manage 2 community forums, moderate/manage 9 discord servers and provide ongoing technical support and advice to numerous artists and designers. I rarely ask for anything in return, operating either for mutual favours or asking for donations from the connected community. I have been struggling to get into this line of work officially even though I am qualified and have plenty of experience, nowhere seems interested. So I turn to you, the communities, contributors and creators! Every donation helps and will go towards server costs, hosting, domain names, hardware and, of course, my own bills and outgoings to keep me afloat. Some of it may even be used to buy a coffee or two! Thank you for reading, and thank you for your support! (Contributors can quick-message me their contact information to ask for support or advice!)

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