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Marina McFab
Welcome! I'm currently known as Marina McFab. Typcially, I make text and video tutorials for GameMaker, as well as write interesting extensions for it (the Blender export/Google Cardboard etc) At the moment, I've finally formed a decent habit of producing something usually within a month, so I finally feel like I can keep up with content production at a reasonable rate Your support will help me: remain in a country that can provide me with the healthcare I need, help me cover bills and give me the time to properly commit to producing tutorials and similar. It may also help replace my 10 year old PC that seems to break in some way on a monthly basis - after that? maybe better recording equipment and internet lol With a membership, you could also get a neat reward, from something small like your name in the credits to receiving free access to extensions and source code a month in advance! I'm strongly of the opinion that educational information should be free, so while I may not offer exclusive rewards, I can offer early access If you can share the page, I'd super appreciate that too. I'm not very good at asking for things or talking to people so any help spreading the word is the best thing ever

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