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Please consider to throw us some pennies and put a smile on our face! For the fun, send the coffee together with an anime request to be reviewed or a topic to be discussed, and we'll be happy to write about it for you. 💝

Oh sht someone's here. Uh eh, hi there, ohayou, konnichiwa, konbanwa! Surprised to see you here. Chances are this page will be deserted forever, but I've always liked how Ko-fi worked. So if by some bizarre adventure you stumbled upon here to actually share a coffee with us, well, you're awfully sweet and thank you~ (and if you just randomly found this place, you're still cool, don't worry). Anyway, even though I always prefer coffee, one of us doesn't really like coffee so much, so imagine it's a tea you're sharing if you like what he wrote in #moe404.

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