CoArtRe is an inclusive and community theater company with more than twenty years of experience that arose with the aim of strengthening the artistic work inside prisons, which its founder, Jacqueline Roumeau, had been doing since 1998. As a result of this pioneering experience, we have produced plays under our own model called Testimonial Prison Theater: "Pabellón 2 - Rematadas", "Colina 1, Tierra de Nadie", "Sangre, Cuchillo y Velorio", "Torre 5", among others, performed by men and women who are now released and reintegrated into society. We seek that people violated by a non-inclusive society: young people, immigrants, LGBTQ+ community, native peoples and former inmates, live a deep healing process through an artistic experience, recognizing in theater a powerful tool for social transformation and thus be a contribution to a new vision of the world. Last December we were awarded with the “Concurso DIRAC 2023 - Línea Artistas” (DIRAC 2023 Funding for Artists) from Chile’s Cultural Affairs Division, to perform five shows at the Théatre de l'Opprimé in Paris from April 5 to 9, 2023. The aforementioned play is composed of a multicultural cast of Chileans, Venezuelans and Peruvians, who identify with the LGBTQ+ community. This benefit only covers the purchase of four airline tickets out of the eight that we need in total. Therefore, in order to be able to travel, we need to pay for the airfare of this entire cast, celebrated by the critics and the public during 2022 and which is a reflection of the society we long for; dignified, supportive and inclusive. This is an excellent opportunity for you to demonstrate your vision of the world, so that with your contribution you can say, loud and clear, the society you want. We are proud of our work with minorities and dissidences and to travel to the City of Light to make known our message of interculturalism and inclusion is a challenge that together we can face. Latin America is moving towards definitive changes that will forever change the type of society in which our children will live. We are the spearhead of a cultural and social vanguard that faces the 21st century with strength and courage. Be part of this adventure and feel, together with us, that you are not alone, that our societies will be what we make of them. Associate your name to this cultural embassy, don't be left out of a mission that you will always remember with pride. Thank you for your support.

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