Morag Spinner
Hey there! Thank you so much for checking out my ko-fi page! What is this page about? I write and blog and produce tonnes of content online, which I've been doing for years, and when the possibility to set up subscription services for people to support me came along, I jumped on it. But I jumped too hard, and wore myself out, and stopped producing as much content as I wanted to. I needed to downsize. I started with 2 Patreons AND this Ko-Fi page: Katje van Loon had a Patreon, Morag Spinner had a Patreon, and they shared this Ko-Fi page. I decided instead of having this Ko-Fi page try to service my two personas/pen names, I would get rid of one of the Patreons and make this Ko-Fi page serve one pen name. I like keeping my work online free. Eventually I'd like to make a full-time living from my books (fiction or pagan). In the meantime, I need to work a day job, and that takes away from my writing time. More funds from my Patreon or this page supports my writing time, allows me to take more time for it, and in general lets me know that people actually like my work -- which incentivizes me to write more. Most of my work will still be free online. Supporting me monetarily is optional, but tremendously appreciated, and I will try to give you extra goodies in return for your support. Much love, Morag

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