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Hello, everyone! Thanks so much for visiting my Ko-fi page. My name is Mia and I became a full-time writer in 2022, which is great for creativity but not so much for stability. I'll be using my Ko-fi page to supplement my writing income by sharing my recipes, behind-the-scenes writing process and updates, my tarot readings, and lots more. If you have ideas for more content (other than book merchandise, since I don't have the rights for that) please let me know! UPDATE (01/23/23): Since someone on IG asked if there was a "minimum length requirement," thought I should post my reply here as well. For most tiers, no, you support how you can for as long as you choose (and I appreciate it all!) For the Pamilya tier, since there's a physical reward that involves my time & money (making & mailing the treats), I would hope for a minimum of 4 months to balance out the costs and you have to be an active member when I start prepping them. You can still cancel at any time, but if you're not an active member of this tier come mailing time (Spring & Fall), you will NOT receive the physical reward. Thanks!

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