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I need uncome in order to keep writing, it's difficult to find the time. Every bit helps me to focus on creating horror tales and work on a longer novel!


I have been an avid horror reader since childhood, reading tons of Dahl, Lovecraft, King, Barker and many more. I'm driven by a need to bring that exhilaration of horror in my own works. I'm currently chiseling away at a full-length novel, and a donation would help me invest more time in writing it. Thank you for your consideration!

Mr Michael Squid
I love writing horror tales and people seem to enjoy them. Unfortunately, I need to support myself and have little time to do so. I have a massive horror novel already started, an incredible journey that I'd love to bring to completion, but have little time to work on it. Donations will help me continue to write true horror stories for you, and more importantly, bring this book to life. Thank you.

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