Thanks so much for checking out my page! Here you will find : ◇ Curation of content (music, books, movies, etc.) and a few words about it + my creative planning for the month. ◇ Behind the scene blogs on the things I’m currently working on. ◇ Some of my previous productions enhanced with explanations & translated if needed. (ex: podcast transcription in En) ◇ Exclusive new work prior to its broadcast. I'm working on various projects right now that I will keep you posted about as much as possible. Among these: x Season 2 of my podcast about music "At this Moment" (Summer 22) · Special documentary episodes off-season for ATM (Summer 23) · Music videos for the upcoming album of Annabel Lee (Spring 23) x A short film (done, it's now called "Royal Snack") · Write stuff (maybe) If you enjoy my content, please leave a tip. ✨ Cheers ☕️ - m

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