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Digital artwork is one of my hobbies. I write lyrics on a nice little site on Rappad(find me as KingPug672_NG). My goals on this site change a lot, and I will take whatever I can receive. I heavily appreciate all that you guys do and hope at least someone can donate to me one of these days. I get we all can’t afford to do it, thus explains why I’m doing this. I do digital artwork, lyrical pieces, small podcasts, and I like to make posts based around simple life moments

I am using all the money you donate towards one of these things (unless you are donating towards a goal, then it’s going to that specific thing): -1. My Nerd Herd project for my EAST class. It goes to furniture, Dice for those locally who don’t have their own, decorations such as themed lights, themed tables, and themed wall hangings. -2. A new video game for my Nerd Herd group to play when our room is being used up by a different group. We have one Xbox One set up in the room and it’s hooked to a 50 inch tv that one of the locals were willing to give to support us. -3. For other people! I may sometimes keep the money you donated and give it to other people’s projects if their project is in my opinion under appreciated or just interesting to me. -4. Custom TVU Related T-Shirts, for example; the KingPug672 limited T-shirt that we sold at our last local event, we sold 9 out of the 13 we could afford. -5. Entertainment pieces. Things we can use at our Nerd Herd sessions when we aren’t playing a match. Such as how we currently have two laptops at a desk with all our related content added as shortcuts to the home screen (7 shortcuts and 1 private program)

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