Murdoc Jax
For the longest time my life was GO GO GO! As many people can relate, I was carrying multiple responsibilities and obligations with little time to myself. My art ideas would pile up in the form of sticky notes attached to the microwave. Then the day came when I noticed I never used my microwave so I gave it away. Suddenly, my art ideas no longer had a home and I realized I needed to focus on the thing I truly loved which is painting. After one chapter of my life closed, another one opened and although it was a bumpy journey, I’m finally at a place to start building my art career and business. This means cultivating social media accounts for branding purposes, buying booths and displaying at art fairs, submitting for competitions and galleries as well as consistently producing new work while still working a day time job. My life is still GO GO GO, but this time around it’s a different kind of GO GO GO. haha As any creative person will tell you, an idea can steamroll into a full blown committed project within moments. For me, hours will have instantly disappeared and it’s only when I’m starving, need caffeine or have to pee 😂 that I realize how intensely I’ve been working. There have been countless times where I’ve worked through the night to complete a painting to ensure that brush stroke and colors remain consistent. I love the concept of Ko-Fi and I’m hoping you do too. I’m here looking for a little bit of caffeinated fuel to keep me going while I pursue what makes me happy. From one coffee lover to another, thanks for stopping by!

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