Myriam Ben Salem
I am a former IT project manager turned writer following the out-of-body experience that saved my life back in September 2018. It was as if the servant leader in me dissociated to make me see all the lies of my unhealthy ego and realize this gigantic universe was not revolving around my small self. Most importantly, and during this magic dissociation, I was able to visualize I was on this planet for a mission. That was the moment of my migration from being religious to spiritual. I write about things in the nexus of stoic philosophy, psychology, neuroplasticity, and epigenetics. Common denominator? The subconscious program! If my mission resonates with you and that you can see the plus-value and contribution of elevating the global awareness about the root causes of all the imbalance manifestations, I will be forever grateful to you for supporting my humble mission so that I can afford to invest my time and energy while living decently! 🤩 Last but not least, you can access my writings here:

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