Funding Goals for Truancy 6 -Truancy 8 (2019-2020)

6% of $1080 goal

Each issue features a mixture of originals, reprints (for now) and poetry for up to a maximum of USD300 + USD60 for cover art = USD360 x 3 Issues. Website hosting and other costs not featured. USD1080 is to cover costs for the year


I edit Truancy, a folklore, fairytale and mythology-inflected speculative fiction electronic magazine. I've been funding the DS&T magazines since 2011 out of my own pocket. This ko-fi is an alternate funding model for Truancy. 1 ko-fi counts as payment for any Truancy issue you've read. If you'd like to give more than one ko-fi it will count towards defraying the cost of past issues. *All contributors will be thanked in the next Issue of Truancy. The Latest Issue of Truancy is now live!

Nin Harris
Hullo! Effective 19 October 2019, all ko-fis are for past and future issues of Truancy Magazine. A single ko-fi counts as payment for the current issue. Multiple ko-fis go towards defraying the (massive) cost of past issues. Thanks so much for your support! <3

Ko-fi helps creators earn money from their passion. We don't take a fee from donations!

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