Necromeow Studios

Welcome to Necromeow Studios😸 Kawaii, Dark Kawaii, and Creepy Cute things are my jam and is reflected in just about all the props and environment art I create. You'll find an exclusive look at indie game dev plus behind-the-scenes goodies like a look at my creative process from start to finish, early access to new projects, video content and so much more! ~Commissions are CLOSED but if you have one with me currently, not to worry!~ I’m super excited to be diving back into Game Art & now development! There’s going to be so many fun and exciting projects along the way and I want you to help me create them. I can't wait to share my journey with you because creating Necromeow has been such a rewarding a fulfilling experience. I has helped me get through some rough mental health struggles and I want to be able to share some of the love and joy I've found with you 💜 --------------------------------------------------------------- Each month's challenges and digital assets will be available the throughout the month and will be posted to the Kofi feed. 🌟Every donation gets a reward🌟 Whether it’s a 1-time thing or monthly, as a small token of my appreciation, you'll get a shout out on social media as my way of saying THANKS! 🌟Discord Access🌟 --UPDATE 8/1/2022-- Our Discord server is UP & RUNNING! Yayyy! Here's the link: --------------------------------------------------------------- 👉🏼Remember to sign up and login when making a donation so you can unlock the benefits! Please consider supporting what I do by treating Necromeow to a tasty coffee treat ~ These go into paying rent, equipment upgrades and software! Even if you can't support right now, supporting my social media would be very much appreciated too! Thanks for stopping by, Jessica 🐾

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