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Nicholas Carrigan
## About Me I began my developer journey in April of 2020, starting at the very top of the [freeCodeCamp]( curriculum. Through that, I picked up knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, node.js, React, and D3. Some of those tools stuck, while others did not. After completing the Full Stack web development certification, I started exploring TypeScript and fell in love with it. I used it first for a couple of small projects, then ended up building a Discord bot with it. When freeCodeCamp rolled out the Python curriculum I started exploring Python - but I ended up tabling those studies until later on. I recently picked up Angular and began exploring it, and so far am greatly enjoying what it has to offer! ## Projects All of my projects are available here on GitHub. You can view my top projects/contributions pinned below this introduction, or you can browse my repositories to see what I have done. Everything I build is open-source, and you are free to fork the repository and play with the code. If you discover a bug or think of a feature to add, feel free to submit issues or pull requests - they are always welcome! Please review our [contributing guidelines]( and [Code of Conduct]( first - and see the project's versions for information specific to that project! ## Why Sponsor? Sponsoring me helps fund things like hosting, development tools, and my coffee addiction. Sponsoring is just one of many ways you can show your love and support, and I appreciate all of them!

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