Nicholas Korn
A quick tour of my setup here on Ko-fi: The Shop features both the Wild Sonnets books and downloads for the Atomic Symphonies. The Wild Sonnet pages are primarily for the eBook edition, but each has the link for those who would like to order the paperback edition.* The Atomic Symphony pages include a link to a playlist that allows you to listen to the entire work – in amazing, unparalleled audio quality. Just press play. The Gallery tab contains all 400 poems from the The Wild Sonnets: Volumes I-IV. Essentially, the entire published collection prior to the new book (The Wild Sonnets: Volume V). The description for each poem identifies in which book the work appears, and links to both the paperback and eBook editions. The Posts tab showcases the short 1-2 minute teaser videos I've produced for the Atomic Symphonies. These are great jams and the perfect introduction to the larger, epic audio works that make up this series. Check them out! I want to thank you for stopping by my little corner of Ko-Fi playground. Feel free to wander around as long as you like. Nicholas Korn Poet of The Wild Sonnets Composer/Producer of The Atomic Symphonies * The Wild Sonnets paperbacks are sold exclusively through my independent publisher, BookBaby. They do an astonishing job, and these books look gorgeous, inside and out. Amazon takes a serious cut from the author’s royalties and delays payment for up to five months, so I have decided not to sell on that platform. BookBaby, on the other hand, gives its authors a full 50% of the cover price, and delivers payment the week after the sale. They just take better care of the artists producing the work.

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