A New Studio Desk To Help Me Shoot Knitting Tutorials Videos

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The desk I currently have is very sad. I don't have any way to clamp video lights (on my list to buy) or an overhead boom arm for my camera (also on my list to buy!). So, my lighting is poor, and my iphone is either strapped against my forehead with a modified headband OR suspended by string, dangling from a desk lamp while I record my video tutorials. Creative, but not ideal. And it shows.


You love to knit. You bind-off and feel... unsatisfied? The pattern didn’t offer anything new. I know how you feel. When I knit: I DON'T want boring patterns. I DON'T want confusing patterns. I want to live a piece of a story or explore a culture in a well-written knitting pattern. I want to learn something new. And when I wear my knitwear item, I want my “visual voice” to roar. That’s what I want to offer you in my knitwear designs! And I love seeing how knitters use my patterns as stepping stones to finished objects that shows THEIR unique voice. Why? Let me tell you a story... In 2010 I suffered a massive accident that left me with pain, brain damage and P.T.S.D. Relearning to knit was hard. It hurt, and it was frustrating in this wreck of a body. But I learned something... Life is too short to not try something challenging. So I design patterns to advance skills!

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🌺 Welcome to my Ko-fi Page! 🌺 If you enjoy my content, please consider "Buying Me A Stitch Marker." I appreciate every cent! The desk that I plan to purchase is the Ikea KLIMPEN table at $428.00. Length: 118 1/8 ", Width: 29 1/2 ", Height: 28 3/4 " Length: 300 cm, Width: 75 cm, Height: 73 cm. I'm having special metal hardware installed to hold an overhead video camera rig and 2 video natural light lamps that I must buy as well. ❤️ Thank you so very much for your support! ❤️

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