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You love to knit. You bind-off and feel... unsatisfied? The pattern didn’t offer anything new. I know how you feel. When I knit: I DON'T want boring patterns. I DON'T want confusing patterns. I want to live a piece of a story or explore a culture in a well-written knitting pattern. I want to learn something new. And when I wear my knitwear item, I want my “visual voice” to roar. That’s what I want to offer you in my knitwear designs! And I love seeing how knitters use my patterns as stepping stones to finished objects that shows THEIR unique voice. Why? Let me tell you a story... In 2010 I suffered a massive accident that left me with pain, brain damage and P.T.S.D. Relearning to knit was hard. It hurt, and it was frustrating in this wreck of a body. But I learned something... Life is too short to not try something challenging. So I design patterns to advance skills!

🌺 Welcome to my Ko-fi Page! 🌺 If you enjoy my content, please consider "Buying Me A Stitch Marker." I appreciate every cent! The desk that I plan to purchase is the Ikea KLIMPEN table at $428.00. Length: 118 1/8 ", Width: 29 1/2 ", Height: 28 3/4 " Length: 300 cm, Width: 75 cm, Height: 73 cm. I'm having special metal hardware installed to hold an overhead video camera rig and 2 video natural light lamps that I must buy as well. ❤️ Thank you so very much for your support! ❤️

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